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Attorney Document Services

Attorney Services

MED-R perform a variety of document retrievals. We are prepared to assist you in obtaining any type of records required for your litigation. Our staff is prepared to efficiently and professionally handle all requests, big or small.

You can trust that we will follow all of the necessary regulations surrounding the collecting of medical records requested. Turn to Med-R to provide the edge you need in today’s complex litigation.

Depending on your request we can deliver them as we receive them or hold until all are available. Extraordinary situations: all records are generally accepted and delivered to your office within 3-4 weeks.

Attorney Document Services

MED-R is a record retrieval system designed to simplify the hassle of obtaining records from medical facilities. We offer an easy and fast way of retrieving the records you need. Some cases have a guaranteed turn around time.

Through MED-R, any legal, professional, or medical practice will be able to quickly order, track, and retrieve medical records. Focus on your clients with the help of MED-R today.

MED-R is HIPAA compliant with certifications in Security Awareness and Privacy Awareness.

What is Med-R?

MED-R is a global medical record retrieval company that utilizes state of the art equipment and provides HIPAA certified and background checked medical records specialists.

MED-R prides itself in being the primary leader in record retrieval, enabling medical facilities to enhance their profits, reduce cost, and become more patient-focused.

Our focus continues to be to provide valued services to facilities and a faster way for records to be in the hands of the requesters.

Medical Document Services

MED-R will provide the best possible support in a timely and cost-effective manner, by copying or scanning the medical records for you. We will come to your facility and handle all requests as needed.

MED-R is prepared to handle all requests, big or small, and safely get the records to the requester. Our no cost service this allows you to take time for your other important duties and allows us to take care of the rest. Turn to Med-R to take care of your needs today.

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