MED-R will provide the best possible support in a timely and cost-effective manner, by copying or scanning the medical records for you. We will come to your facility and handle all requests as needed.

MED-R is prepared to handle all requests big or small and safely get the records to the requestor. With our no-cost service this allows you to take time to your other important duties and will allow us to take care of the rest. Turn to Med-R to take care of your needs today.

Med-R is going to completely take away the hassle of copying and scanning the records for attorneys, subpoenas, insurance companies or doctor to doctor.

We will come onsite to your medical facility any day of the week, and ensure that these requests will be taken care of in a timely manner. Once we have received the records we will contact the attorneys to let them know their records are ready. You as our client will be able to log in through our website and track these records and see when they were received by the attorney. Med-R will strive to have its workmanship recognized as the industry standard of absolute excellence.

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Medical Record Retrieval

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